We are a creative studio that develops communication strategies. We enhance businesses through four main hubs.
Maverick es un estudio creativo multidisciplinario, nos enfocamos en desarrollar identidad gráfica, estrategia y posicionamiento, empaques, exhibiciones e instalaciones, sitios web y experiencias digitales, publicidad y comunicación


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Grainger's most important values of Experience, Solutions, Expertise, and Safety make it one of the most reliable B2B options...


The brand came with the need to create a very Mexican name and identity that represented the best...

49 Basán

We created the naming and visual identity for 49 Basán, a place dedicated to haute cuisine...

Plan in

For many Mexicans, investment can seem like an unfamiliar territory due to factors such as poor spending habits,...


The digital landscape is rapidly expanding, yet many businesses lack the necessary digital expertise. This leaves entrepreneurs...

Pets Care

After operating for over 8 years and establishing itself as a reputable animal care provider in Monterrey, "Pets Care" decided...

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