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The brand came with the need to create a very Mexican name and identity that represented the best of the country - the food.


It's a concept that would travel all the way to Sweden, but what's the best thing about Mexico’s cuisine? Tacos.


We thought of a naming that immediately referred to Mexico and was emotionally tied to the country. We chose a contemporary style but without neglecting tradition and the Mexican touch. We created a monochromatic and simple but sophisticated imagotype. It's informal with a contemporary chic touch. The graphic identity represents the culinary personality of the brand. On the one hand, we have a typographic arrangement broken down into three lines to remove formality from the brand, while at the same time, with a dominant typographic weight to reinforce its presence and legibility.


We sought to reach the senses of two types of people: Mexicans outside of Mexico and foreigners who have developed a taste for Mexico. No matter who you are or where you are, El Mariachi brings Mexico to you.