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Maverick is a multidisciplinary creative studio, focused on developing graphic identity, strategy and positioning, packaging, displays and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising, and communication.


We created the naming and visual identity for 49 Basán, a place dedicated to haute cuisine, cocktails, and contemporary Mexican culture enthusiasts. Our concept pays tribute to Mexican cuisine while showcasing local artists, and led us to develop a unique name composed of two words: HIERBA SANTA, a pre-Hispanic herb known for its aromatic qualities that contribute to the characteristic flavors of Mexican cuisine.


The visual identity features subtle patterns that lend versatility to the design and reflect the space's elegance. Each detail contributes to a cohesive branding, from dish presentation to printed materials, digital visuals, and sensory exploration through music, scents, flavors, and ambiance.


Our goal was to create a space that stimulates the senses of its patrons through every detail, and we believe we have achieved that with 49 BASÁN.