We are a creative studio that develops communication strategies. We enhance businesses through four main hubs.
Maverick es un estudio creativo multidisciplinario, nos enfocamos en desarrollar identidad gráfica, estrategia y posicionamiento, empaques, exhibiciones e instalaciones, sitios web y experiencias digitales, publicidad y comunicación


The Challenge:

Create an annual campaign to position USANA in the minds of Mexican consumers, to become the best option for generating a life change in people through their products and business model.


To achieve this, we first understood who we were targeting, as the brand's goal was to generate substantial changes in the people who consume their products (nutritional supplements) and their business model. However, in our analysis, we faced two complications:

  1. Changing the perception that nutritional supplements are medicines
  2. Negative perception of the multi-level marketing model

Let's get to work!

First, we needed to build a concept strong enough to cover both aspects; on the one hand, to address product consumers and on the other, the business.

After analyzing each product and how they help improve people's lives, we decided to create a new health consciousness. That's why "With USANA, you can" was born. The concept that allowed us to communicate the benefits of different products, promoting people's life changes through healthier habits.

But what about the business?

"With USANA, you can" helped us break down the myths of the multi-level marketing model. Under this concept, new entrepreneurs could learn, try, and recommend products through advertising materials to reach the right customer at the perfect moment.

This is one of our favorite projects because it has helped us build a healthier life within Unbranded.


Mario Martínez (Japo)

Director and Public Relations

Liliana Sarmiento (La Güera)

Operational Director

Lola Ullola (Lola)

Project Management

Armando Bracamontes (Braca)

Creative Direction and Conceptualization

Araceli Moreno (More)

Art Direction

Mariana Morales (Marecito)

Digital Design

Erick Fabián Paredes (Eriks)


Arturo Alexis Ávila (Boyo)

Digital Strategist

Joanna Cornejo (Joe)


Erik Reyes (Papo)

Community Management