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Dpstreet, Annual Campaign 2023

The Challenge:

To carry out the 2023 communication campaign for our client dpstreet, after achieving the results set in 2022, it was now necessary to strengthen the brand's positioning with its consumers, expanding the potential market throughout Mexico.




Before running, let's walk!


The market is constantly evolving, so it was necessary to re-analyze our target audience and understand their interests, tastes, and how they now consume their products. 


Let's explore ideas!


After 2 years of the pandemic, our target showed that they were ready to change the rules, go out into the streets, and conquer worlds beyond what we are used to. The inclusion of the metaverse and artificial intelligence led us to understand that hyper-personalization of things is now fundamental in our target's daily lives. Therefore, we decided to conceptualize from that premise. 


To move forward, it was necessary to evolve, so Level Uncloked was born, a concept on which we would base all our efforts. This would allow us to have inclusion from our target's interests, passing through their experiences and different realities. In the graphics, we would play with 3D elements that would renew communication, injecting dynamism and, above all, a culture more in line with digital channels, where our dpstreeter's live today. 


This way, we managed to venture into new forms and places of communication, but above all, we began to redirect our client towards digital evolution.




Liliana Sarmiento (La Güera)

Operational Director


Mario Martínez (Japo)

Director and Public Relations


Karla Sarmiento (Kar)

Project Management


Armando Bracamontes (Braca)

Creativity and Conceptualization


Araceli Moreno (More)

Creative Strategy


Liliana Ramírez (Lili)

Art Direction


Yacko Cornejo (Yacko)



Arturo Pérez (Arthur)