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VOLT, Day of the Dead Campaign

The Challenge:

To celebrate the "Day of the Dead" with a special edition packaging that would explicitly show the functional benefit of the product, without leaving aside one of the traditions for Mexicans.



Before creating, we analyzed!


We understood that Mexicans celebrate everything - from raising the roof of the house to winning a soccer match, and even, as strange as it may seem, death. Therefore, we understood that our packaging had to have a festive and lively essence. 


Subsequently, we understood the importance that the Day of the Dead has for Mexicans, as it is a time to honor and recognize those who have passed away, remembering their legacy and the way they enjoyed life.


Once we had this clear, we got to work!


We created and got to know our dead, yes, our dead! Those dead from tiredness after a day of work, a party, or boredom due to lack of energy. Those living dead who also need a boost.


That's why we created "VOLT lifts the dead,"a concept that allowed us to develop a graphic line, represented by different personalities that aligned with each of the available flavors and their characteristics.  a cada uno de los sabores disponibles y sus características. 




Liliana Sarmiento (La Güera)

Operational Director


Lola Ullola (Lola) 

Project Management


Armando Bracamontes (Braca)

Creative Direction and Conceptualization


Araceli Moreno (More)

Art Direction and Packaging Design