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Berlitz, Annual Campaign for Latin America

The Challenge:

Position Berlitz Latin America's educational offer with an advertising campaign that would give people the opportunity to have a better quality of life by learning a language with a fast and effective method. 




Speaking English is a necessity!


We started the project by analyzing the Latin American market because it was important to determine our target audience's needs and how we would communicate with them.


Based on statistics and studies conducted by different institutions, we found the needs that Latin America had when learning another language. One of them is to expand people's horizons at a personal level, as this can add experiences that enrich their lives. However, the most important need is to open up new professional opportunities that help them generate a significant change in their lives. 


This is how we created "Say yes,"a concept that inspired our target to imagine what they could achieve by learning another language; finding a better job, traveling, getting to know another culture, etc. 




Mario Martínez (Japo)

Director and Public Relations


Liliana Sarmiento (La Güera)

Creative Direction


Armando Bracamontrs (Braca)

Strategy and Conceptualization


Araceli Moreno (More)

Art Direction


Daniela Noriega (Dani)