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Dportenis, Qatar 2022 World Cup Campaign

The Challenge:

To involve our client, dportenis, in the most important sports event of the year. 



To achieve this, we needed to create a creative concept that would allow us to implement a campaign across various media channels. 


In Mexico, we shout for everything - bread, gas, food, and more. Therefore, we used the shout as a symbol to create "Grita el Mundial con dportenis" (Scream the World Cup with dportenis), a concept that directed our campaign for four months. We created the graphic identity to be used in all of its touchpoints.


Para fortalecer la campaña decidimos integrar a una figura pública que funcionaría como embajador de nuestra marca, pero, sobre todo de nuestro concepto; Francisco Kikín Fonseca. 


To strengthen the campaign, we integrated a public figure who would act as an ambassador for our brand and concept - Francisco Kikín Fonseca. Together with Kikín and our client, we created a commercial spot that told the story that would represent us throughout the campaign. 


It was undoubtedly one of our favorite projects of 2022!




Liliana Sarmiento (La Güera)

Creative Direction


Lola Ullola (Lola) 

Project Management


Mario Martínez (Japo)

Direction of Photography, Video, and Public Relations


Armando Bracamontes (Braca)

Direction of Photography, Video, and Conceptualization


Araceli Moreno (More)

Art Direction


Julia Ballesteros (Jules)



If Studio - Partnership