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Maverick is a multidisciplinary creative studio, focused on developing graphic identity, strategy and positioning, packaging, displays and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising, and communication.


Helvex is a leading Mexican company in the innovation of institutional and residential bathroom and kitchen products. Every year, the company organizes an event where it invites its distributors to present new products.


The Maverick team was responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy to showcase Helvex's vision and position the company as a reference for current design and interior trends.


A chronological tour was set up to showcase Helvex's history with products that demonstrate how it has evolved over the years. In addition, an experiential booth with virtual reality was set up, where the entrance was a tunnel with hanging projections on steam.


The event had a main stage for the ceremony, which included a screen. Finally, there was a showroom within the venue to customize a room to personal taste and explore the full range of products.