We are a creative studio that develops communication strategies. We enhance businesses through four main hubs.
Maverick is a multidisciplinary creative studio, focused on developing graphic identity, strategy and positioning, packaging, displays and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising, and communication.


As the most innovative company in the industry, Nestlé has made the strategic decision to prioritize innovation as the key factor in generating a cultural shift among its employees. By positively impacting sales, processes, and products, Nestlé aims to gain a competitive edge in the market and position its brands as the best option available.


To encourage innovation among its employees, Nestlé has launched an internal communication campaign called Nestlé Innovation, which seeks to turn the company into an incubator of groundbreaking ideas that inspire all employees to think outside the box.


As part of this campaign, Nestlé has developed a comprehensive communication strategy that includes a launch kick-off, branding, a web platform, innovation boot camps, video, digital strategy, award logistics, and a closing event.