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Brandformance: Brand strategies with direct impact on results

The evolution of digital and brand strategies, positioning, and sales approaches has brought about interesting combinations, one of which is brandformance, a term that has gained greater importance in recent years.


Brandformance is a compound word made up of branding and performance, and its essence goes beyond this blend. To make it simpler, let's define the root concepts.


Branding: The process of building and managing a brand. As we have previously discussed, this process refers to defining a brand's DNA, up to its visual identity.


Performance: A marketing strategy focused on measuring results and improving conversions, whether they are sales, calls, appointments, etc.


When strategists receive a new brand, we think that every strategy should be focused on results; brandformance promotes the idea that every branding and positioning effort will have an effect on the final conversion.


Therefore, all brand efforts should be oriented towards results, and what specific actions can be taken?


Branding actions
- Visibility of the brand on social media.
- Association of the brand with certain values.


Performance actions
- Registrations, subscriptions, purchases, downloads, clicks, and participation in promotions.


Brandformance actions
- Following an influencer who represents the brand.
- Following all brand channels.
- Interacting with the brand.


As you can see, all performance actions are measurable; if brandformance is a strategy aimed at a measurable objective, what indicators help us measure the results of a branding campaign?


There are several indicators that will help us analyze if our campaign has been successful (some more difficult to obtain than others) but that we should focus on improving. These indicators are: ROI (Return on Investment), organic brand searches on the internet, queries, visits, inbound links, and of course, the conversion rate.


The next time you decide to skip a strategy that works on your brand's values, think about how this will not only affect how you are perceived, but also how much you sell.