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Maverick es un estudio creativo multidisciplinario, nos enfocamos en desarrollar identidad gráfica, estrategia y posicionamiento, empaques, exhibiciones e instalaciones, sitios web y experiencias digitales, publicidad y comunicación


We develop a concept and packaging design for Big Cola's Special Edition Fiestas Patrias, commemorating Independence Day and reflecting the essence of Mexico and its people.

For the visual identity, we represent everything that shouts "¡VIVA MÉXICO!", celebrating our birthplace, our cultural greatness, our enormous and varied gastronomy, and our traditions. For Mexicans, these dates represent more than a historical fact; they represent our identity.It is a month filled with festivities, where we gather with family and friends to share experiences, typical dishes, and to shout "El grito" in unison.

Indeed, "El grito"as all Mexicans know it, is the typical phrase we use to refer to the celebration of September 15th, that "¡VIVA MÉXICO!"that makes our skin tingle and fills us with pride.