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The secret to actually achieving your goals in 2022

"80% of New Year's resolutions only make it to the first week of February."
This is a statistic that we're all probably familiar with, but putting it into numbers makes it more impactful. Although we have the will and determination to achieve our goals every new year, by the second month, we either give up or simply forget. Why does this happen?


We'll reveal the answer to this question and share the secret for actually achieving your goals this year in 2022, along with tactics to help you get there.


The first thing to know is that most of the resolutions we make at New Year's Eve dinner are not realistic. Saying things like, "This year I'll have more clients," or "This year I'll get a new job," are destined for failure. The reason: these statements aren't concrete and measurable. The correct way is to define your goals, what the objective is, and what you need to do to achieve it.


For example: "This year I will be more fit. The goal is to maintain or achieve my ideal weight and increase my muscle mass. How will I do it? I will wake up early every day to run, go to a nutritionist, eat at home with the right portions, have a trainer, etc."


Do you see it? As with any strategy, we need specific, realistic, and measurable goals.


Now that I have my goal defined, how can I achieve it?

1. Write it down in a visible place. It can be on your phone or, even better, get creative and make a mood board that you can have in your room or office.

2. Every day, do something that brings you closer to achieving it. Small changes achieve big results.

3. Don't overwhelm yourself. Enjoy the process, and remember, you can always change your goals.


Remember, you can set goals regardless of the timeframe. Start today. Let's go for it!