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One of the most useful resources we consult in the agency is the calendar of important dates. Keeping these dates in mind is a guide to knowing what our audience celebrates, what they are talking about today, and knowing this, we can align our content, e-commerce, and retail strategies to improve results (in terms of interactions and sales).


So here we share with you the most relevant dates for 2022, so you can add them to your strategy.



1 New Year's Day
6 Epiphany
7 Start of Sales
17 Blue Monday
24 International Day of Education
25 World Advertising Day
Community Manager Day


1 Chinese New Year
3 International Lawyers' Day
4 World Cancer Day
Zombie Pride Day
8 Safer Internet Day
9 World Pizza Day
13 World Singles Day
14 Valentine's Day


8 International Women's Day
15 Consumer Day
20 International Day of Happiness
Start of Spring
27 Academy Awards


7 World Health Day
13 International Kissing Day
15 World Art Day
16 World Entrepreneurship Day
21 World Creativity Day
22 Earth Day
23 International Book Day
27 International Graphic Design Day


1 International Workers' Day
4 Star Wars Day
12 International Nurses Day
17 World Recycling Day
21 International Tea Day
25 Geek Pride Day
28 International Hamburger Day
29 Champions League Final


5 World Environment Day
18 Día Internacional del Sushi
20 Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year
21 – 22 Amazon Prime Day
28 International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day


13 World Rock Day
17 World Emoji Day
24 World Tequila Day
30 Friend Day


7 International Beer Day
12International Youth Day
13 International Left-Handers Day
23 Hashtag Day
28 Grandparents Day


13 International Chocolate Day
27 World Tourism Day
29 World Heart Day


1 Coffee Day
7 World Smile Day
10 World Mental Health Day
19Breast Cancer Day
25 International Artist Day


1 All Saints' Day
World Veganism Day
15 World Alcohol-Free Day
19 International Men's Day
12 Musician Day
25Black Friday
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
28 Cyber Monday


15 Otaku Day
24 Christmas Eve
25 Christmas
28 Holy Innocents' Day
31 New Year's Eve / New Year's Eve Party


In our search for the most relevant dates for sales strategy in 2022, we found a great number of international days, both absurd and real. However, from our experience and perspective, these days give you the opportunity to build valuable communication for your brand.


Of course, every brand will have its important dates, so feel free to modify accordingly.