We are a creative studio that develops communication strategies. We enhance businesses through four main hubs.
Maverick es un estudio creativo multidisciplinario, nos enfocamos en desarrollar identidad gráfica, estrategia y posicionamiento, empaques, exhibiciones e instalaciones, sitios web y experiencias digitales, publicidad y comunicación


"We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things right." -Herb Kelleher


Business leadership is more than just management. As the word implies, even contrary to what many may think, a director never stops working.


A board of directors sets the direction for all areas of a company, so that they can act in pursuit of business objectives. Therefore, good leadership is key to the team's performance and final results.


And since everything changed after a pandemic, management of resources, both human, economic, and physical, requires the management team to create new strategies to ensure that things work properly despite the adversities faced.


As everything changed due to a pandemic, the management of resources, both human, economic, and physical, requires the leadership to create new strategies to make things work properly despite the adversities that may be faced. It's time for your leaders to start thinking about the upcoming challenges and work on these strategies. How? Here are some ideas:


● Business expansion
With business growth come new challenges, whether it's reaching a new market niche, or launching a new product or service.


● Aligning different areas
In many organizations, there are areas that depend on or collaborate with others, such as marketing and sales. It's a mistake to keep them separated, knowing that better results can be achieved if they work together.


● Hiring the best team
A director will always be concerned about results, but achieving the best is only possible by having the best people in the right place.


● Thinking about professional development
Linked to the previous point, if we want professionals in charge of our best clients, good leadership must invest in them, in their professional growth, and in activities that help them enhance their skills.


The development and growth of the company will be the result of the constant dedication of the board of directors.